I started a gratitude journal recently - a reminder to myself that despite some crazy moments, many things in my life are GOOD. After just a day of jotting down people, events and things that I was thankful for, I felt lifted by the task. The list stretched quite long in the ensuing week, and I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

- the first cup of hazelnut coffee every morning and the rare occasion I have time for two
- beautiful Kansas sunrises enjoyed on my back deck with my dog (and the coffee!)
- staff who make it possible to conquer an insanely busy schedule and patients who have patience
- work partners who share my passion to improve health for all
- community members who make it easy to erase the line between “patient” and “friend”
- family who love and support (and “get”) me
- a good red wine shared with friends and family and the blessing of time together to enjoy it


I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity that running for the AAFP Board of Directors provides. Over the next year, I will get to meet a lot of family physicians across the country, something I really love to do! I will travel to new places and revisit old favorites. I will learn what is on the minds and in the hearts of family doctors and how the AAFP is responding to their members. And I will grow: as a family medicine physician, as a leader, and as a human. Thank you for being part of this opportunity. #AdAstraBrull